Mustard Oil

Mustard Oil is the best oil for cooking, massage, pickles and other religious and ayurvedic purposes. We are also offering Natural Mustard Oil, Refined Mustard Oil and Natural Mustard Seed Oil. Mustard Oil is renowned for its purity, aroma and taste. This is processed using traditional methods and with modern technology. Further, we do not use any chemicals or high temperature heating in the processing of oils. This helps us maintain the purity and natural aroma of the products products. Our range has anti-oxidant attributes and some other essential health benefits.

Features :

  • Freshness

  • Free from contamination

  • Highly viscous

Health benefits :

  • Helps to stay away form coronary heart diseases

  • It can be used as an antibacterial oil

  • Helps to detoxify human body

  • Helps to reduce hair fall through improved blood circulation if it is massaged on scalp

  • Stimulates digestion, circulation and excretory system

  • It can be used as an irritant for stimulating sensation in senseless organs and muscles. Irritants are also useful for driving up muscles.

  • Helps preventing fungal growth, thus it can be used as anti-fungal

  • Helps in winter for making body warm and generating mild irritating effect through massage on body

  • Helps making immune system strong

  • Useful for treating cough and cold

  • Protects teeth from germs if rubbed on gums and make gums strong

  • Organic mustard oil helps preventing cancer and is also helpful for slowing down the ageing process

  • Helps stimulating sweat glands and helps lowering body temperature

  • It consist of fatty acids like omega alpha 3 and omega alpha 6 which have beneficial properties.