Virgin Sesame Oil

Virgin Sesame Oil is a 100% pure, unrefined edible oil extracted from the first cold pressing of the highest quality white sesame seeds. being lightly filtered, it retains sesame’s aroma, rich flavour and nutrients. A very versatile oil, it is used in the food industry as well as in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. Owing to its countless qualities, it is known as the ‘Queen of Oils’. Virgin sesame oil is a multi-purpose oil, and can belong in your kitchen and be used for massage therapy.

Properties :

Sesame oil has got many powerful therapeutic and medicinal properties. The source of these properties are often taken from ancient medicinal texts. Few of these properties have been evaluated and verified through scientific research.

Health Benefits :

  • Sesame Oil For Face Care

  • Sesame oil should be applied directly to the facial skin. It improves the skin texture, making it softer and smoother. Because of its emollient properties, it moisturizes the skin. Applying a small amount of sesame seed oil can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. This effect is because of a special micronutrient called sesamol. It can also lighten sun spots and irregular pigmentation. Because of its antioxidant and sunscreen properties, it provides double protection from UV – B induced skin damage.

  • As Massage Oil

  • Sesame oil, despite being slightly heavier than other massage oils, can still be used for a massage. It is preferable used for detoxifying the body through the skin. Here is how to correctly massage using sesame oil.

  • Sesame Oil For Hair Growth

  • Sesame oil makes a great massage for scalp. It deep conditions the scalp and improves the health of hair follicles. These are the health benefits of sesame oil for hair health.

  • Calm depression

  • Sesame oil , when taken internally or as massage helps to manage depression better. Research has identified that sesamol from sesame oil helps inhibits the production of cytokines ( like TNF – α ) [2]. This reduces the risk of developing clinical depression because of stress.

  • Oil Pulling with Sesame Oil

  • One may be familiar with the ancient practice of oil pulling. For those f you who don’t know, oil pulling is the act of swishing oil inside the mouth. Commonly, coconut oil is popular for this practice. Sesame oil can also be used for oil pulling. Take a mouthwash amount of sesame oil. Swish it inside the mouth for about 5 minutes. It kills bad bacteria in the mouth, fungi species like candida that cause oral thrush, protects teeth and gums. This practice is also helpful in gingivitis.

  • Better Intestinal Health

  • Sesame oil helps to improve intestinal health. Regular consumption of sesame oil in diet may improve certain inflammatory conditions of the alimentary canal, like IBS, IBD, UlcerativeColitis and Crohn’s disease. It is also helpful in treating intestinal obstruction which leads to fecal smelling vomiting.

  • Maintain a health cholesterol level

  • Because of the presence of healthy fatty acids, sesame oil can reduce LDL cholesterol all the while keeping HDL cholesterol up. Since concentration of HDL cholesterol ( good cholesterol ) increases, the body becomes healthier. Sesame oil can thus reduce the risk of heart disease.

  • Anti-Cancer

  • Sesame oil has been identified as anti-cancer to specific cancers.

  • Anti- Diabetes

  • Sesame oil shows blood glucose lowering effects in people when sesame is the oil they take in diet. This is of great significance

  • Going swimming in the pool, use sesame oil

  • Many people note that their hair starts turning greenish when they have been swimming regularly in the pool. This effect can be negated by applying sesame oil before or after the swim. It leaches out the chlorine. Applying it on the outer rim of the ear canal also prevents outer ear infection ( swimmer’s ear ).

  • Sesame oil in diet

  • One can cook with sesame oil. It has got a nice, sweet taste and mild aroma. Sesame oil can added to salads and foods like chicken. One can also use toasted sesame oil, which has a richer flavor and great for additive in recipes. Generally, cooking with sesame oil is generally avoided. If you have a recipe which calls for toasted sesame oil, and you want a substitute for sesame oil, then use walnut oil or perilla oil.