Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is extracted from fresh coconut milk and is 100% natural. It is unrefined, unbleached and cold pressed. Unlike other coconut oil that is extracted through heat, VCO does not possess that latik odor, but fresh aroma of coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil is colorless, free of sediment and has natural fresh coconut scent. It is free from rancid odor or taste. Virgin coconut oil consists mainly of medium chain fatty acids. The fatty acids in virgin coconut oil are distinct from animal fats which mainly consist of long chain saturated fatty acids.

Processing Method :


Husk is removed manually or with the help of coconut dehusking machine.


It is done to remove the shell of the coconut. This is done without breaking the kernel.


It is done to remove the brown skin of the kernel with the help of a paring machine.


Pared coconuts are dipped in boiling water for few minutes in a blanching tank.


It can be done with the help of vibratory screener. This will remove the excess water present in the blanched coconuts.


Pared coconuts are fed into a disintegrator where pared nuts are cut into small pieces and will be ready for extraction.

Milk extraction:

Shredded coconuts are put into a milk extractor (screw press/ hydraulic press) and coconut milk oozes out of the extractor. Extracted milk is collected in collecting vessels. Extracted coconut milk is then filtered to remove if any solids are present. Residue obtained after extraction is dried in an oven and packed a defatted desiccated coconut.


This process is used to separate two immiscible substances. Coconut milk is the natural oil in water emulsion. After centrifugation, oil and skim milk is separated. Coconut oil is separated from coconut milk.


The oil is passed through the filter press and packed in consumer packs. Vacuum drying of virgin coconut oil will remove the moisture present in that. This can be packed as “premium grade VCO”.

Benefits :

  • Made from fresh coconuts, not dried copra

  • High in Anti- Oxidant

  • High in lauric acid

  • Un refined

  • Cold-pressed

  • Chemical-free

  • Pure white like fresh coconut

  • Tastes like fresh coconut

  • Has a fresh coconut fragrance

Uses :

  • Perfect cooking medium

  • Best skin and hair conditioner

  • Oil pulling with Virgin Coconut oil can whiten your teeth, make your breath fresher

  • Acts as a natural antibacterial

  • Ideal for Vegetable salad dressing

  • Can be used as a food supplement - Regular consumption of VCO helps to improve immune system, and increase your energy levels

Packing :

  • 250, 500ml in PET jar

  • 200 litres in HDPE barrel